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Abu al-Hail for the Rafidain Forum: Baghdad has turned from an arena for conflict to a table for dialogue

80 2021-09-02

Iraqi Palm Agency


Within the first day devoted to the activities of the third Al-Rafidain Forum for Dialogue for the year 2021, which is held by the Rafidain Center for Dialogue RCD, the head of the Iraqi Nakheel Foundation, writer and journalist Mujahid Abu Al-Hail, inaugurated the first discussion session of the forum under the title “The Middle East: “Ongoing Conflicts and Temporary Solutions” in the presence of several prominent figures in Iraq and countries Other neighboring ones, including the former Iraqi Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Sajjadpour, President of the International Institute for Iranian Studies in Saudi Arabia Dr. Muhammad al-Salami, Head of the Jordanian Royal Court Dr. Jawad al-Anani and President of the Orsam Center in Turkey Dr. Ahmed Uysal.

Abu al-Hail’s speech, which he began with a salute to Baghdad on the centenary of the founding of the Iraqi state, said: “Baghdad celebrated the centenary of the Iraqi state two days ago in its own way, and at a summit, the first in many decades, in which the City of Peace hid under the sway of arms and the smoke of booby-traps and the sounds of rockets, and was bathed in the blood of its good sons while bidding farewell to them as one. One by one, to new mass graves, which the Iraqis are accustomed to at all times.

Abu al-Hail added that Baghdad today is not like Baghdad of yesterday, Baghdad today has opened a table for dialogue after it was an arena for conflict and fighting and settling international accounts on its lands.

Baghdad today attracted world leaders and seniors to its lush palm tree two days ago, to witness its summit as an important and historical turning point in the history of the region, after the region’s leaders and seniors sat under the hot Baghdad sun at the table of dialogue, rapprochement and brotherhood to discuss the future of the Middle East.

Baghdad today shook off the dust of the battle and removed the curtain of darkness to spread light throughout its corners and alleys coming from the depths of time.

Baghdad today is a city of peace and not a city of Violence and War.

Baghdad, which has won many times over all its enemies from inside and outside, is regaining its glory and casting it to wear its purple wedding dress soon in early elections, trying to control the mileage of democracy and restore it to its credibility, after it was awakened by the voices of  september 2019 revolutionaries and their dewy blood with the tears of mothers.

Abu al-Hail posed a series of questions to the meeting's guests, including: Will the Baghdad summit contribute to the crystallization of a stable Middle East?

Will the regional conflict in this inflamed East end? What happened in Afghanistan was a sudden transformation for some, will it reflect negatively on Iraq and the countries of the region?

What is Mr. Raisi, the new president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, hiding under his cloak for Iraq, Afghanistan and the region? How will he deal with the new changes in the region?

How does the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its leadership view this East, and what is its agenda after these transformations, and what does Prince Mohammed bin Salman hide under his cloak to chart his country's role in the Middle East?

What is the role of Turkey, Iraq's closest neighbor and the most skilled player in the Middle East?

How does the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan view the wisdom of its king for everything that is happening in the region?

It is noteworthy that Sunday, seven in the evening witnessed the opening of the forum in the presence of the President of the Republic, the Speaker of Parliament, a number of ministers, leaders, and local and international political and diplomatic figures.

Al-Rafidain Center for Dialogue RCD, is an independent Iraqi think tank that works to encourage political, cultural and economic dialogues and calls for strengthening the democratic experience and achieving societal peace, and providing state and society institutions with expertise and strategic visions. academics, and political actors from different countries. The Center issues several periodicals, the most important of which are Rawaqat magazine, several books, literature, studies, and research papers. It holds weekly seminars and workshops where it hosts specialists in politics, security and economics from various Iraqi and non-Iraqi institutions.


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