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Iraqi palms Organization congratulates Iraqis in Akito's birthday


Raqi Palm Agency/ Report 
Iraqi Palms Organization blesses Akitu holiday on the first of April, which is celebrated by Assyrians, and Chaldeans in Iraq. The ceremony is still present in their rituals and conscience despite of thousands of years passed since its start. 
This ceremony is one of the oldest religious holidays known to human civilizations in Mesopotamia. Despite, the difference in Akitu meaning and its commencement,    some believe Akitu is “beginning” or “threshold.” Others think that it is an unfamiliar word came to Sumerian language and does not exist in Babylonian language, while some believe that it means (New Year) in  Assyrian. 
Some Christians in Iraq insist on sticking to this holiday, as the occasion has a special sanctity mixed with aesthetic characteristics driven from calmness and beauty of nature, in addition to its association with fertility, but for the Babylonians it was associated with an important religious occasion, which they consider it the victory of the god Mardukh over the god Tiamat.  
This feast has always been a popular religious one in which the gods, kings and cities residents celebrate Akitu. At the beginning celebrations were held in a small chapel, and by time it turned into large celebrations held in Babylonian temple. 
The Iraqi Chaldeans are still practicing such religious rites, offering sacrifices and prayers, and reading Babylonian stories of creation, which talk about (Gods unity). It is a national celebration. 
History was based on several natural elements; the most important one was the moon. It was known that the month of “Nissano” (April) starts according to the Iraqi Assyrian calendar on the night of spring moderation, but the archaeological records remain the first and last reference, including the cuneiform tablets that were taken from Iraq and displayed today in the London Museum. The origins of the occasion are linked to an agricultural origin related to barley harvest season. it was believed that an ancient agreement occurred between the peoples of Mesopotamia that the celebration should be in the spring, as it represents the opening of life and  harvest season.
Congratulations to the Iraqis on their festivals.




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