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Ministry of Transportation allocates 4,000 piece of land for Ports' employees in Basra

18 2021-09-13

Iraq Palm Agency/ Private


Ministry of Transportation- the General Company for Iraqi Ports announced that it had obtained the official approvals from the Governor of Basra: Mr. Asaad Al-Eidani, to allocate 4,000 piece of land in Al-Sayab city to be distributed among its employees.
In this regard, the general manager of the company, Dr. Eng. Farhan Al-Fartousi, said this initiative came according to the directives of the Minister of Transport, Captain Nasser Al-Shibli, stressing that the local government will help to provide all necessary requirements to complete all drawings and architectural designs. He added that construction of residential houses will be according to the latest contemporary designs, and   that approval came in line with the government's tendency to provide adequate housing for all Iraqis.



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