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"Peculiar of the West" by the Syrian intellectual Muhammad Kurd Ali, in a new edition

20 2021-09-13

Iraqi Palm Agency/ Private


A book entitled: “The Peculiar West” was published by Al-Rafidain House for Publishing and Distribution, in a new edition written by the pioneer Syrian thinker: Muhammad Kurd Ali, with the achievement of the Lebanese poet and translator Muhammad Nasir Al-Din.

Muhammad Kurd Ali was born in Damascus 1876. He was a man of morals, intellectual and deep thinker, he was fond of literature, and a defender of Arabic language.

He was the first Minister of Knowledge and Education in Syria, and he was the head of Arabic Language Academy in Damascus from its founding in 1919 until his death in 1953. 
Muhammad Kurd Ali wrote many books, such as:
- Plans of Al-Sham, issued in 1925 in three volums. It was one of his most important books
- Islam and Arab Civilization: printed in Cairo in two volumes in 1934.
- History of Civilization: in Two volumes, Translated from French. 
- The Peculiar West: in two volumes.
- Our words and actions: that included a number of his reforming articles, printed in 1946 
- Damascus is the city of magic and poetry
- Old and present Andalusia. In two volumes, printed in Cairo 1937 
- Ancient and Modern, a selection of his articles.
-  Islamic Administration in the Glory of Arabs.



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