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The Independent High Commission sets the rules for electoral campaigns

53 2021-09-07

Iraqi Palm Agency - Special


Tuesday, the Independent High Electoral Commission issued an official statement in which it defined the electoral campaign controls for candidates regarding the 2021 Iraqi legislative elections.

The controls were as follows:

1. Not to stick any electoral advertisement on walls throughout the capital, Baghdad, using glue or glue.

2. Failure to install the electoral campaign boards of candidates and political parties on the road blocks.

3. Not to install election advertising boards in public parks and central islands of streets and sidewalks using cement.

4. Not to use the walls and buildings of government departments, schools, universities, mosques, husainiyah, holy places, bridges, heritage and archaeological places, monuments and statues to publish announcements of parties and candidates within the electoral campaign.

5. The means of electoral propaganda shall be among the materials that can be easily removed after the end of the electoral process, as follows:

A. Hanging banners of cloth containing election propaganda.

B. Use metal or wooden boards that are easy to lift.

C. The use of modern flex panels within the specified places for that.

D. Using modern methods of spreading propaganda through various media.

6. In the event that electoral campaigns are set up in violation of the above, the violation will be documented by the cadres of the municipal departments and removed immediately.

7. Financial fines are imposed against candidates, political parties and alliances that violate the provisions of the decisions and municipal laws in force.

8. A position is submitted by the municipal departments to the office of the Undersecretary of the Municipality of Baghdad for Municipal Affairs with the violation committed, including the name of the candidate and the number in the department

The electoral commission, the type of violation, the amount of the fine, and the commission’s approach to the elections for the purpose of obligating the political parties to pay the fines or deduct them from the insurances submitted by them to the commission.



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