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The Ministry of Culture is preparing to build a special house for Iraqi documents

73 2021-08-31

Iraqi Palm Agency


Monday, the Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities, Dr. Hassan Nazim, announced the ministry's readiness to adopt a project to build a private house for Iraqi documents

The Minister said during his visit to the House of Books and Documents and his touring in its halls: We aspire to preserve the documents of the Iraqi state and protect the important books and titles contained in this house

He pointed out that the ministry has the responsibility to protect this important historical legacy from the books in this institution because of their privacy, including the important titles they contain

He added: We are fully prepared to enhance the cultural and urban recovery in the house, expressing his full support for the broadcast of electronic development in the work of the House of Books and Documents, and to discuss appropriate ways to find government approvals to support the projects of the house and to overcome all crises because of the weight they represent in Iraqi culture over decades of the history of Iraq


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