Cultural, Social and Artistic News

British police arrested a young man named Haider for selling exam questions to students

17 2021-09-18

The activities of the Amman International Book Fair will start in its twentieth session, on the twenty-third of this month, which is organized by the Jordanian Publishers Association.

13 2021-09-18

Goldsmiths University in Britain held an event entitled "On Iraq, War and Physicality", which included dialogue and poetry readings

18 2021-09-13

The excavation mission of the Italian University of Bologna, headed by Professor Nicolo Marketi, has begun

27 2021-09-13

New shipment of Vaccine arrived to Iraq

27 2021-09-13

Tuesday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi received the Iraqi Paralympic delegation after its return to the homeland from Tokyo

51 2021-09-08

Tuesday, the Iraqi national team lost to Iran a heavy loss

29 2021-09-08

British Ambassador to Iraq Stephen Hickey published a tweet supporting and encouraging the Iraqi national team

27 2021-09-07

the Independent High Electoral Commission issued an official statement in which it defined the electoral campaign controls for candidates regarding the 2021 Iraqi legislative elections

31 2021-09-07

Tuesday, the Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, inaugurated the monument to the heroes of the Counter-Terrorism Service

23 2021-09-07

The European Union confirms the dispatch of election observation teams for the election

22 2021-09-06

Iraq Signed a contract with the French group "Total Energies" to invest in the field of gas and oil and in the exploitation of solar energy

34 2021-09-06

Iraqi Children win first places in mental arithmetic

94 2021-09-05

The Minister of Culture Meets Miss Iraq and instructs support her humanitarian projects

28 2021-09-05

The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Hassan Nazim discussing ways of cultural cooperation between the two ministries

24 2021-09-05

Four Iraqi universities achieve competitive positions in the Times World Ranking

18 2021-09-04

Baghdad has turned from an arena for conflict to a table for dialogue

50 2021-09-02

Iraq borrowed $100 million to buy vaccines

34 2021-09-01

The Council of Ministers opens an exhibition of Arabic calligraphy and decoration on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi state

28 2021-09-01

Iraqi Ministry of Culture set to build a special house for Iraqi documents

33 2021-08-31