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Ali Al Wardi


Ali Hussein Mohsen Abdul Jalil Al Wardi

He was born in Baghdad (1913 - and died on 13th July 1995).
He was an Iraqi sociologist, professor and historian, known for his adoption of modern social theories at his time, to analyze the Iraqi social reality. He also used those theories to analyze historical events, as he did in the book (Preachers of the Sultans). He was one of the pioneers of secularism in Iraq.

* Graduated from the American University - Beirut in 1943  
 * Received hie master's degree in 1948 from University of Texas, USA .
 * Received his doctorate in 1950 from the University of Texas, USA.
* Texas University President told him while presenting the certificate to him: "Dr. Wardi, in the future, you will be the first in sociology".

He wrote many valuable books in sociology world, such as:  
* Personal duality of the Iraqi individual, which he generalized to the Arab individual as well. 
* Social disharmony, a modification to William Ogburn's thesis, "The Cultural Gap."
* The mockery of the human mind.

Besides his books, he wrote more than 150 researches. All were kept in the library of Sociology Department - College of Arts - University of Baghdad.

The scholar Dr. Ali Hussein Al-Wardi died on 13th July 1995 after his struggle with cancer. The doctors were unable to treat him well because of shortage of medicines and medical supplies in Iraq due to the economic blockade imposed on Iraq at that time