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Ali Jawad Al-Taher




Ali Jawad Al-Taher is an Iraqi writer and critic. He was born in Hilla - Babylon - Iraq in 1919.
He studied in Babylon schools, then he went to Baghdad to join the Higher House of Teachers.
He gained his doctorate from Sorbonne University in France.

In the fifties of the last century, he launched to establish his cultural project, for translating, authoring, theorizing, and applying until he reached a high level in Iraqi literature. He was granted the title of "Sheikh of Critics".

He wrote more than forty books. He became one of the most creative authors in Arab nation; he was the same as Taha Hussein, Abbas Al-Akkad, Ibrahim Abdel-Qader Al-Mazni and other great writers. He was distinctive writer not only in the number of books he wrote, but also in the quality, diversity in heritage, contemporaneity, investigation, authorship, and in translation, in theoretical criticism, and application criticism.

He won the Sultan bin Al Owais Cultural award in its first session in the field of human and future studies in 1988 - 1989.
He passed away on 9th October 1996 in Baghdad, because of an incurable disease.

Here are the titles of some books he wrote:
* Arabic poetry in Iraq and in Persia during Seljuk era.
*   The Son and Seven Other Stories (selected and translated from French literatur). 
* Lamiyat Al-Tugharai (investigation, analysis and discussion). 
* Articles (On Literary Criticism ... and Education(.
* Al-Tugharai (his life, poetry and technique).
* Contemporary Iraqi stories (criticism and anthologies).
* Teaching Arabic ( middle and high schools).
*Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Sayed – (pioneer of Iraqi modern story) 
* Notes on Facilitated Arabic Encyclopedia.
* Literary Research Methodology.
*Al-Khuraimi Diwan (collected and investigated jointly with Muhammad Jabbar Al-Said).
*Diwan Al-Jawahiri (jointly collected with Dr. Ibrahim Al-Samarrai, Dr. Mahdi Al-Makhzoumi, Rashid Baktash))
* Diwan Al-Tughara'i (jointly collected with Dr. Yahya Al-Jubouri).
*  Notes about the death of VIPs.
* Beyond the Literary Horizon (Articles).
*  An introduction to literary criticism.
*  Methodology of research in the current proverbs.
*  Conclusion in the doctrines of Western literature.
* Al-Jaafari's Diwan 
*Glossary of Arabic publications
* Investigations.
* Poetry and Heritage in the Iraqi Leadership, Series (in Poetry and Phase Variations).
* Abdul-Jabbar Abbas a critic.
*My teachers and other articles.
*From the story and the play.
* He who rub the rust.
* The Narrow Door.