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Ghaib Toma Farman


Ghaib Toma Farman

He is an Iraqi novelist, born in Baghdad in 1927 and died in Moscow in 1990. The writer Jabra Ibrahim Jabra said about him (Ghaib Toma is almost the only Iraqi novelist who arranges his characters and events in a true synthesis of his novels).
Several books have been published devoted to his works, such as: Dr. Zuhair Yassin Shlebeh's book entitled “GhaibToma Farman: A Critical Comparative Study of the Iraqi Novel – "Dar Al-Knouz Al-Adabiyyah" - Beirut 1996, and Professor Ahmed Al-Numan's book “ Literature of Exile and homesickness” which includes articles of several well-known Iraqi writers dedicated to the writer Ghaib, and their memories of him. Muhammad Barout said about him: "Ghaib was Iraqi in everything, even in the novel "The Real Parliament of Life" in which he intensified all his understanding of the nature and function of the narrators in the core of popular life facts, events, relationships, details and scenes of daily life.

Many others writers and critics wrote about Ghaib novels, plays and literary works.  
The great Iraqi writer Ghaib Toma is considered an Iraqi unique and realistic novelist that remained well established and provided the Iraqi and Arab libraries with the most important literary works.

Below are some of his most significant novels and stories:
- The Harvest of the Mills (stories collection)   1954
- Another Baby (Stories Collection)     1959
-The Palm and the Neighbors (novel)     1966
- Five Voices (Novel)        1967
- The Labor (novel)        1973
- The Sacrifice (novel)       1975
- Shadows on the window (novel)     1979
- The Passion of Mr. Maarouf (novel)     1980
- The Boat (novel)        1989

Ghaib translated about 30 books for international writers. He won a high award for his effort in this aspect. Here are some of his literary translation works: 
- Turgenev's works in five volumes
- Cossacks to Tolstoy
- Dostoevsky Collection of Stories
- Gorky Stories Collection
- First teacher Lightmatov
-Pushkin Business Group
- Lushin, a giant of Chinese culture