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Biography of an Iraqi creator

Hadi Al-Alawi


Hady Al-Alawi; is an Iraqi thinker. He left a void that was too difficult to be filled. He was attentive, objective, and with a great human sense. He neither carried orientalist views of the heritage nor was he a reader of the same old method either
His famous will kept ringing in minds, You own nothing and nothing possesses you, that is the freedom

Hadi Al-Alawi was born in 1933 in Karrada- Baghdad, and he was an Iraqi Marxist and Sufi thinker who was interested in Arab heritage and read it critically. He was also interested in Chinese civilization. He has many books in Sufism such as: (Mystical Orbits, and the Visible and the Invisible in Literature and Politics) besides lot of important books 

He died in 27th September 1998 in Al-Shami hospital in Damascus. He was a prolific writer who wrote many books on communism, heritage, Arab and Chinese civilization, and many other valuable literary works. He lived moving between China, London, Beirut and Damascus

He was a supporter of women and his books were considered   important resources, as he studied woman case before and after Islam and wrote boldly and frankly in that respect

Dr. Abd Al-Sattar Al-Rifai, who was treating Al-Alawi said  that before entering into a coma, Al-Alwai said: “The future belongs to the Islamic civilization and not to the West". Then he died