Iraqi palm

Biography of an Iraqi creator

Hasab Al-Sheukh Jafar



He was born in 1942 in Al-Amara city - Iraq. He left to Moscow and graduated from the Gorky Institute of Literature in 1966._ He performed cultural works for press and for Baghdad Radio. He is considered one of the pioneers of circular poem in Arabic poetry.

Most of his poetry works were published, such as:
* Palm tree of God – 1969
* The Wooden Bird 1972 
* A visit to a Sumerian lady – 1974
* Across the wall in the mirror 1977 
* Like the tenderness of the whirlwind
* Samarkand Pillars
* Cran Albour
* Complicity with the blue
* Who awakened the Sleeping Beauty (novel)
* Ashes of Darwish (biography)
* Wind wipes out, and sand remembers (biography)
* Rubaiyat of Kind isolation 2009, written for the Iraq Palm creativity series.  

He was the most important mediator between the Arabic reader and Russian literature. He translated several Russian literary works to Arabic, such as; Maykovsky, Pushkin, Alexander Blok, and others.

Many masters and doctoral thesis were written about his poetry.
His next publication: a collection of stories entitled (To the last woman on earth) written for the Iraq Palm Series.