Iraqi palm

Biography of an Iraqi creator

Latifa Al-Dulaimi



She is an Iraqi writer and active journalist in defending women's rights. She was born in Baquba in Diyala governorate in 1939.
She completed her studies in Baghdad schools and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language. She is considered one of the leading defenders of women's rights in Iraq.

Most important works and achievements:
* She worked in the field of teaching Arabic language.
* She worked as a story editor for the Iraqi literary magazine (Al-Tale'iah). 
* She worked as the editor-in-chief of the Iraqi Foreign Culture magazine and Hala Cultural Magazine.
*   She published her stories and articles in many Iraqi and Arab cultural newspapers and magazines.
* In 1992, she and several Iraqi intellectuals founded the Women’s Cultural Forum in Baghdad.
* Her stories have been translated into different languages, and the novel entitled (The World of Lonely Women) has been translated into Chinese.
* She participated and lectured in many national and global seminars and her participation was effective and distinguished. 
* She was a founding member of several cultural forums and associations in Iraq.
* She founded Shabad Center for Studies of Women's Freedom in Baghdad in 2004.  

She wrote a lot of literary works, articles, novels, studies, and famous stories.  She gained the Iraqi Story Award in 2004. In addition to that she translated to English a lot of famous international novels, plays and stories.


Al-Dulaimi wrote several plays and scenarios such as:
● The Sumerian Nights play – she won the award for the best text inspired by the Sumerian heritage - a different reading of Gilgamesh Epic.
● Red Ball Play -   1997.
● The play of the last double – 1995 
● The Moon of Ur play. 
● The ghost of Gilgamesh. 
●  A historical series about the Babylonian civilization for (30) hours. 
● The Echo of a Civilization scenario - about music in the Mesopotamian civilization