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Ma'ida Nazhet


Ma'ida Nazhet 

Ma'ida Nazhet / Singer


(Some of her artistic career that was full of distinguished and creative giving)

The artist; Ma'idah Nazhet was born in Baghdad in 1937. She is considered one of the most prominent and famous Iraqi female artists in the last decades of the previous century.

Her songs were famous for their human and emotional sense mixed with hope and optimism spirit. The lyrical texts she presented were considered among the masterpieces of Iraqi singing for more than half a century.

Ma'ida Nazhet, was one of the first Iraqi singers to sing on TV since it launched in 1956 after the Iraqi radio was opened in 1936, but she left singing for few years, but returned due to the demands of some great Iraqi musicians at the time.

Ma'ida Nazhet  was known for her selection of the sober lyrical texts that express life and social reality of Baghdadis, which were well-known by its beauty and tender words plus its nice and emotional poetic vocabulary.

She has worked with the most prominent and famous Iraqi composers and musicians from different generations. The texts of her songs were written by the most significant poets from different generations as well.

The Iraqi singer, Ma'ida Nazhet, became famous in many Arab and Gulf countries in particular, where her fame crossed local borders, especially as she visited Kuwait several times and recorded many songs there with Kuwaiti singers, such experience increased the 

maturity of her artistic career