Iraqi palm

Biography of an Iraqi creator

Nazik Al -Malaika



 a pioneer poet of modern poetry

Nazik Sadiq al-Malaika was born in Baghdad on 23rd August 1923 – and died in Cairo 20th June 2007. She grew up in a cultural environment. She graduated from the High House of Teachers in 1944.

Together with her colleagues Al-Sayyab and Al-Bayati they established the golden ideal triangle of poetic modernity.  
The critic Abdullah Al-Ghadhami considered her the pioneer of Arab modernity, who broke the poetry columns. She entered Fine Arts Institute and graduated from the music department in 1949.  

In 1959 she obtained the master's degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

She was appointed as a professor at Baghdad University, Basra University, and then Kuwait University.

Since 1990 upon her choice she lived isolated in Cairo till her death there on 20th June 2007 when she was 83 years old.

Al-Malaika wrote many collections of modern poetry in addition to several articles, studies and stories.