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Raed George



Raed George

Raed George is a well-established name in Iraqis' memory of. He presented his music calmly, intelligently and cheerfully. Although, his songs were few but they are still heard. Raed has a distinguish color of mixing transparency, purity, sadness and sweet romance.

Raed George is an Iraqi musician and composer. In 1980 he obtained a "Music Certificate" from Broadcasting Training Institute in Baghdad. His first breakthrough was when he composed the soundtrack for the famous play "The Good Man" by the great artist Awni Karumi in 1985. He was described at the time as the youngest Iraqi composer, for many people like his music.  

He also gained a Diploma from Fine Arts Institute - Department of Music - Baghdad (1983-1988) and a Diploma from Administration and Economics Institute - Hotel and Tourism Management Division - Baghdad (1984-1986).

He won several awards: 
● Appreciation Award for the closing music of the Babel International Festival (1995).
● Golden Award for the Best Musical Work from Cairo International Radio and Television Festival (1997). 
● Best Iraqi Music Award from the Chaldean Union (2002).

He composed the music of many series and festivals. He has several successful songs such as: (Don't Go), (Listen to Me) and (Our Love Remains). He also has a personal website 

featuring most of his musical work