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Sami Abdul Hamid


 - Theater biography

Artist Sami Abdul Hamid, writer, actor and director, was born in Samawah, Iraq, in 1928, an experienced professor of theater sciences at Fine Arts College - University of Baghdad.

- He holds Bachelor of Laws and a Diploma from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.
- He holds master's degree in theater sciences from the University of Oregon, USA.
- He was the President of Arab Theatrical Union, a member of Iraqi Theater Committee, a member of the Iraqi Center for Theater, and former president of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate.

He has written several books related to theatrical art, including:
- The art of diction.
- The art of acting.
- The art of directing.

He translated several books related to theatrical art, including:
-  The basic elements of directing the play - Alexander Dean
-  Motion design - Oxenford
- Vacant Place – Brooke

He participated in several theater festivals as an actor, as a director or as a guest. He won many awards and compliments such as: 
- Carthage Festival Coronation Award. 
- Medal of Tunisian Cultural, awarded by the President of Tunisia Republic.
-  Iraqi Ministry of Culture and Information Creativity Award. 
- He won the reward of Best Actor the First Arab Theater Festival in Baghdad.

 Among his famous theater directing works are: The Negro Revolution, Epic of Gilgamesh, Bernarda's House, Alba, Antigone, The Key, and Waiting for Godo, Othello in the Kitchen, Arab Hamlet, Negroes and Rich Hair Monkey.

He left his audience and the stage that he was devoted to for many years, announcing his death at the age of 91 years of artistic and academic achievements.