نخلة عراقية

سيرة مبدع عراقي

Faiq Hasan


Faiq Hasan: an Iraqi artist, born in Baghdad in 1914. He graduated from the Bazaar in 1938. Together with the artist Jawad Saleem, they founded the painting branch at Fine Arts Institute in (1939-1940).

His life:
The artist Faeq Hassan began his life in Al-Bukajah district of in Baghdad. His artistic life was a reflection to the nature he lived along with his academic realism as he expressed them in some paintings in the modern school manner.

Although he was imitating the drawings of Abdul Qadir Al-Rassam, he was considered one of the most realistic Iraqi artists for his devotion to the Iraqi reality and popular environment, moreover he was a brilliant sculptor and painter, and therefore he was interested in colors at first degree. But he did not neglect the form because the two elements were completing each other. He was dealing with them as an important factor to accomplish his works. He was different than his colleague Jawad Saleem, who preferred the "shape" more than colors.
In an interview, he declared: (when I was a kid, I felt a strong and overwhelming desire that pushed me to imitate what I see in my drawings, and draw what I found in front of my eyes. I remember that my desires reached such a point that I could not release myself from them. Actuality I could not specify how I started; it was a period of my life shrouded in a thick fog. However, I remember till this moment that the pioneering painter who opened my eyes and found him ideal to me was Abdul Qadir Al Rassam. I was very fond of his work. I visited him at home and saw how his artistic brush was creating the beautiful images).

During the second half of the twentieth century, Faeq Hassan became a distinct figure in Iraqi art, as he was acknowledged as the founder of drawing art in Iraq; that comment was presented by his colleague artist Shaker Hassan Al Said describing Faeq in one of his meetings.
Truly, he was a great artist who participated in establishing an artistic base to establish the Fine Arts Institute in cooperation with his colleagues: the popular artist Jawad Saleem and the brilliant theater artist Haqqi Al-Shibli. It is worth mentioning that he was a designer of theatrical decorations, so he played a major role with the artist Haqqi Al-Shibli in establishing the Iraqi theater.

Since his early childhood Faeq was brilliant in his art. With his talent and unique style he was able to win people admiration. When he was sent on a scholarship to study art, he collected most of his works and showed them to his professor (Rogia), without any hesitation he was promptly accepted.
After graduating from (the Boozar) in France in 1938, he participated in the same year in several exhibitions in Baghdad, Beirut, Kuwait, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and USA.
The artist, Faeq Hassan, passed away on 11th January 1992.