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سيرة مبدع عراقي

Naseer Shamma


Biography of the international musician Naseer Shamma

He took the first lessons to play on Oud, from his first teacher, Saheb Hussain Al-Namus.

He complered his university studies at the Institute for Musical Studies "Al-Naghmiya" in Baghdad in 1987.
In his graduation year, he won the award of best melody for the emotional song in Iraq.

He presented his first concert at the first Arab Music Forum held in France with a group of famous Iraqi artists.

Despite Shamma's experience novelty at that time, he performed his first musical concert at Al-Orfali hall in Baghdad in 1985. The concert was attended by most important artists, writers and music critics.

He presented his first concert abroad in Paris at Armaniha Theater in 1985.

He moved to reside in Jordan for a full year, and then returned to Iraq.

He worked as a professor of Oud instrument at the Tunisian University - Higher Institute of Music, 1993.

He established the Arab Oud House in Egypt in 1999.

He organized and chaired the first Egypt Forum for Oud at the Egyptian Opera House in 2010.

He opened a branch of the Arab Oud House in Abu Dhabi in 2012,

He is residing now in Germany.
He participated in the Sixth International Festival of Babylon by composing the music for the famous poem written by Al-Jawahiri (Oh Tigress of Goodness, Mother of El-Basateen).

He had musical readings accompanied to five poems taken from the collection of "Why You Leave the Horse Alone" written by the poet Mahmoud Darwish.

Among his musical works: he made his first disc, named: "An Oriental Love Story" from France, 1994.

He wrote the music soundtrack for the movie: "Dawn of a Sad Day," directed by Salah Karam in 1986.

Among his works for radio and television:
He presented his successful program "Music ... Music" in 1993

One of his works in plastic arts:
He composed a passage, named "A Pose at the Tomb of Jawad Salim", it was presented at Baghdad Festival - Iraq in 1988.

He composed the music for the documentary film called (Durrat Al-Aqssa) about the event of Mohammed Al-Durra - the Palestinian kid. 

He worked for international parties, together with the Italian lute musician; Franco Phobis.

He received many awards and honours.

He was a supporter for the Iraqi Palm Organization for its creativity and cultural campaigns, so he dedicated a piece of his music called; "Bayn Nakhil" to the Iraqi Palm Organization in 2019.

Iraqi Palm Organization selected Shamma as its honorary president in 2021.
He performed many musical performances in many countries of around the world.

Artist Naseer Shamma currently runs his school, Beit Al Oud Al Arabi, in Cairo.

He supervises the branch of the Arabic Oud House that he opened in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates in 2007.

He supervises the House of Oud in Constantine - Algeria, and the House of Oud at the Library of Alexandria, 2011