نخلة عراقية

سيرة مبدع عراقي

Nidaa Kazim


The artist Nidaa Kazim was born in Basra in 1939 and completed primary and secondary studies there. His sculpturing
hobby blossomed, and started working on clay and wood. His family moved to Baghdad in 1959 and he enrolled directly in the Fine Arts Institute - Sculpture Department. He was taught by great masters of sculpture such as Khaled Al-Rahhal, Abdul Rahman Al-Kilani and Muhammad Al-Hasani.

After his graduation in 1965, he established (The Renovators Group) with some plastic artists, such as: Talib Makki, Saleh Al-Jamee, and Faik Hassan and they issued an artistic statement that clarified the theoretical hypothalamus. The founding of this group was accompanied by a plastic exhibition at the hall of National Museum of Modern Art.

Five exhibitions were held for that group. The last one held in 1970. Other artists joined the group, such as: Salem Al-Dabbag, Ali Talib, Taher Jameel, Subhi Al0-Cherchabchy, Ibraheem Zayer, Amer Al-Obaidy, Khalid Al-Nayeb, Salman abbas and yahya Al-Sheikh.

Nida Kadhim worked for the National Museum of Modern
Art Gallery. He sculptured several famous statues for great poets and philosophers like:
- Bader shakir Al-Sayyab in Baghdad in1970
- Abi Tammam in Mousel
-  al-Farahidy in Basra

Then he left to Italy and met the international sculptors: Emilio Grigo, Fadcini and Ramanzo during his university studies there.
He completed his studies in Italy in 1977.

He completed his diploma study in the manufacturing of medals and currency coins at the ancient Italian Currency House. Then he gained his diploma in graphics. He returned to Iraq in 1980 and performed sculptural works for famous writers and poets, and participated in many exhibitions and artistic competitions.

Nidaa Kazim is looking forward to complete the works and monuments of the Immortals Park in Iraq under his supervision with a group of sculptors. He has another big project in mind to implement a statue for the famous popular poet Mudhafer Al-Nawab.

He recently completed a project to sculpt four poets of the new generation that he personally selected: Aref Al-Saadi, Omar Al-Saray, Hamad Al-Dokhi, and Mujahid Abu Al-Hail.

The Iraqi Palm Cultural Organization honored him with a copy of Al-Jawahiri statue during its ceremony for launching a group of Iraqi symbols.